» I swear by the stars
   Quran, Chapter 16, Verse 94: and do not make your oaths a means of … Continue Reading …

» Quranic Verses about Fire
   Fire has been mentioned in many verses of Quran as a symbol for punishing unbelievers. Besides this, … Continue Reading …

» God’s Signs in Nature
   There are many verses in Quran that guide us to find out God’s signs in nature. Some of these verses are gathered here. It is … Continue Reading …

» Resurrection Day Based on Quran
   A clear image of the resurrection day is depicted in many verses of Quran. For example in Chapter 81 (Al-Takwir) in follows.It is also noteworthy … Continue Reading …

» The Quran on God’s Love
   Quran, Chapter 3, Verses 31 and 32: "Say: if you love God, then follow me, God will love you and forgive you your faults, and … Continue Reading …

Subject Study

» Creation in 6 days (10 verses)

» Fruits and Vegetables in Quran (7 verses)

» Respecting Parents (7 verses)

» Samood (Thamud) Tribe (25 verses)

» Halal and Haram Foods in Quran (20 verses)

» How to Perform Salat (10 verses)

» Shedding Tear (2 verses)