Sura 56: AL-WAQIA (THE EVENT) - Juz' 27

أُولَئِكَ الْمُقَرَّبُونَ ﴿۱۱﴾
Qarib: those are they brought near (to their Lord)
Sarwar: (The foremost ones) will be the nearest ones to God
Shakir: These are they who are drawn nigh (to Allah),
Pickthall: Those are they who will be brought nigh
Yusufali: These will be those Nearest to Allah:
فِي جَنَّاتِ النَّعِيمِ ﴿۱۲﴾
Qarib: in the Gardens of Delight,
Sarwar: in the beautiful Paradise.
Shakir: In the gardens of bliss
Pickthall: In gardens of delight;
Yusufali: In Gardens of Bliss:
ثُلَّةٌ مِنَ الْأَوَّلِينَ ﴿۱۳﴾
Qarib: a host of the ancients
Sarwar: Many of them will be from the ancient people
Shakir: A numerous company from among the first,
Pickthall: A multitude of those of old
Yusufali: A number of people from those of old,
وَقَلِيلٌ مِنَ الْآخِرِينَ ﴿۱۴﴾
Qarib: but only a few from the later generations.
Sarwar: and only a few of them from the later generations.
Shakir: And a few from among the latter
Pickthall: And a few of those of later time.
Yusufali: And a few from those of later times.
عَلَى سُرُرٍ مَوْضُونَةٍ ﴿۱۵﴾
Qarib: on lavish couches
Sarwar: They will recline on jewelled couches
Shakir: On thrones decorated,
Pickthall: On lined couches,
Yusufali: (They will be) on Thrones encrusted (with gold and precious stones),
مُتَّكِئِينَ عَلَيْهَا مُتَقَابِلِينَ ﴿۱۶﴾
Qarib: they shall recline, facing each other,
Sarwar: facing one another.
Shakir: Reclining on them, facing one another
Pickthall: Reclining therein face to face.
Yusufali: Reclining on them, facing each other.
يَطُوفُ عَلَيْهِمْ وِلْدَانٌ مُخَلَّدُونَ ﴿۱۷﴾
Qarib: (and there) shall wait on them immortal youths
Sarwar: Immortal youths will serve them
Shakir: Round about them shall go youths never altering in age,
Pickthall: There wait on them immortal youths
Yusufali: Round about them will (serve) youths of perpetual (freshness),
بِأَكْوَابٍ وَأَبَارِيقَ وَكَأْسٍ مِنْ مَعِينٍ ﴿۱۸﴾
Qarib: with goblets and ewers, and a cup from a spring
Sarwar: with goblets, jugs and cups of crystal clear wine
Shakir: With goblets and ewers and a cup of pure drink;
Pickthall: With bowls and ewers and a cup from a pure spring
Yusufali: With goblets, (shining) beakers, and cups (filled) out of clear-flowing fountains:
لَا يُصَدَّعُونَ عَنْهَا وَلَا يُنْزِفُونَ ﴿۱۹﴾
Qarib: that will neither make the head throb, nor intoxicate,
Sarwar: which will not cause them any intoxication or illness.
Shakir: They shall not be affected with headache thereby, nor shall they get exhausted,
Pickthall: Wherefrom they get no aching of the head nor any madness,
Yusufali: No after-ache will they receive therefrom, nor will they suffer intoxication:
وَفَاكِهَةٍ مِمَّا يَتَخَيَّرُونَ ﴿۲۰﴾
Qarib: with fruits of their own choice
Sarwar: Also, they will be served with the fruits of their choice
Shakir: And fruits such as they choose,
Pickthall: And fruit that they prefer
Yusufali: And with fruits, any that they may select: